Basic Electronics

Learn about circuit design with our basic electronics tutorials series. These tutorials will take you all the way from basic to advance electronic circuit design. In first few posts we’ll discuss elements in electronics engineering. Later on, we’ll focus on advance topics of electronic circuits.

Table of Content- Basic Electronics Tutorials





  • What is Inductor?
  • Difference between Inductor and Capacitor
  • Types of Inductor and Application
  • Example Circuit: Inductive Filters


  • How Transistor Works?
  • What are different types of Transistors?
  • Example Circuit 1: Transistor as Electronic Switch
  • Example Circuit 2: Transistor as Amplifier
  • Example Circuit 3: LDR Circuit

Operational Amplifier: Op Amp

  • What is Operational Amplifier or Op-Amp
  • How Op-Amp Works?
  • What are types of Op-Amp
  • Example Project: Use Op-Amp in Automatic Lamp Control

AC fundamentals

  • What are avg, rms and peak value?
  • Conversion formulae for sine wave


  • Why we need transformer in electronic circuits?
  • Types of transformers
  • How to use transformer is electronic circuits?
  • Example circuit: step up or step down transformer


  • Need of rectification
  • Types of rectifiers: half wave, full wave
  • Working of rectifier with sine wave

Voltage Regulators

  • What is Voltage Regulator
  • How does voltage regulator works
  • What is use of voltage regulator in?
  • Example Circuit: Voltage regulator in circuit

Filters Circuits

  • What is filter
  • Why are filters used in circuits?
  • How does filter circuit work?
  • Different types of Filter Circuit
  • Example Circuit: DC Wall Adapter Circuit (Case study)

Relays Vs Transistor

We are working on these tutorial series. The content and topics will be live soon, please follow up for more details. Thanks!

These tutorials will be self-learning material for beginners. Also, one can use to brush up his/her understanding of electronics circuits. To explain each topic in detail, we have used case study. This includes detail discussion of real world example project. We tried our best to keep as simple as possible. We recommend you to follow these tutorials in series. The tutorials are arranged into similar typical course topic format. They might be suitable to use as supplementary material to a text book.


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