Tuesday , November 20 2018

Bluetooth Smart Development: CSR development Kit

If you are a person who need to integrate Bluetooth smart communication for your IoT app and confuse where to start then don’t worry, CSR has launched a new low cost development kit to get Bluetooth  smart prototype up and running fast. The kit include full version of CSR xIDE development environment. There are also source code for iOS and Android.

According to CSR news report:The CSR Development Kit (starter) also accelerates hardware development due to the inclusion of FCC and ETSI RF certified reference module designs which are supported with full design files. In addition, CSR’s Starter Development Kit comes supplied with a hardware development board, a CSR1010 module, mini USB cable, setup and quick start guides straight out of the box. No additional monetary investment is required from developers nor is there a need to download and install additional tools or purchase further software licenses. This allows developers access to highly optimized hardware and software solutions at a cost-effective price so that  can ease their efforts in bringing their innovative ideas for products to market as simply as possible.

The approximate price of this kit is somewhere around $99 and available globally from local CSR authorized distributors and via Digikey.

About Umesh Lokhande

Umesh Lokhande holds a Master degree in Scientific Instrumentation from University of Applied Sciences Jena, Germany. and has previously worked at Orbotech, Alere Technologies etc. Umesh is also a founder and first author of BINARYUPDATES.COM


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