Uzebox- An Open source Game Hardware


As we all know that open source community come long way in past years and here in this post we will be having closer look at Uzebox developed by Mr. Alec Bourque. The Uzebox is a retro-minimalist homebrew game console. It is based on an AVR 8-bit general purpose microcontroller …

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What is Freeduino?


Freeduino is wonderful piece of engineering with bringing physical computing to the mainstream. Freeduino used to create a single-board microcontrollers. A single-board microcontroller is a small computer system made on one board.

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Artix-7 50T FPGA Evaluation Kit is now Available

Artix-7 50T FPGA Evaluation Kit

Xilinx® has announced the first customer shipment of the Virtex® UltraScale™ Artix-7 50T FPGA Evaluation Kit. The newest generation of 7 series devices are built on advanced 28nm process technology to produce the lowest-cost, lowest power FPGA

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