We produce digital products in the form of pre-recorded HD video content, comprehensive documentation along with world class live online support. We are innovation laboratory with a strong focus on Embedded Software-and-Hardware, Internet-of-Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Edge Analytics etc. The digital products we develop include latest technologies for educating the world. BINARYUPDATES was founded by Umesh Lokhande in 2018.

While at Binary Updates we have a natural inclination towards new technology, we are also passionate coach. We enjoy making and breaking of electronics products, building cool projects with life hacks as much as the latest technological evolution. We strive to deliver great learning experience by making complex topics easy to understand, and always want to help customers to upgrade their skill sets so that they will always become competitive in market.


We feel lucky that many reputed publishing companies partnered with us to host our content. These companies include Packt Publication, Udemy, StackSkills, StackCommerce etc. We already have 6000+ Students from more than 91 Countries Globally with highest quality of content and support


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