ATmega64 Development Board-Open Source

This project is an development board designed by Radek Malina. This board has Atmel ATmega64 microcontroller on board and can be very useful to develop custom AVR firmware. This can be also great as an introduction board to microcontroller and programming. Development board is better to be use insted of bread board set up. This board is very nicely designed by facilitating connection of different components using PCB headers. Mr. Radek Malina has designed at the time when the arduino board was available in Czech Republic and also has many different on board modules to test various interface and fuctionalities.

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The features of ATmega64 Development Board are as listed

  • Atmega64 – all the ports available through pins, a different crystal can be connected (optional frequency crystal)
  • DS3231 RTC, real-time IC / I2C
  • Temp. DS1820 1wire Temp. Sensor
  • USB Port FT232RL USB/RS232 converter
  • Buttons 8x -16x LED
  • Connect LCD Display 16×2
  • 7segment-LED Display
  • N-FET For PWM
  • ISP Programming connector

All module pins are labeled for easy and friendly connection with microcontroller and there are separate connectors and jumpers provided for all microcontroller ports so user can easily connect, test and debug his firmware code. Also there is also on board ISP Programming header provided as J2. The board can be powered by DC Adapter as well as USB connector.

ATmega64 Development Board











You can download design files here ATmega64_Eagle_files


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