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Setup Code Blocks for C Programming

This post is easy to follow instruction guide to Setup Code Blocks for C Programming. Installation of Code Blocks is very simple, just need to download appropriate setup file but setting up compiler in our case MinGW is little bit tricky. In this handy instruction guide we will walk you through step by step to get things done.

Download latest Code Blocks Setup

Browse website —-> Downloads —-> Binaries:

From given link download binary release and make sure your operating system specification and download only codeblocks-16.01mingw-setup.exe. This is how you can get executable file.

download code block Setup
download code block Setup

STEP BY STEP: Setup Code Blocks for C Programming

Now double click on downloaded installer. The process is simple hit next couple of times. Make sure installation path C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks (default location). Do a full installation and launch Code Blocks.

STEP 1: Just hit on OK and proceed

launch code blocks
Launch Code Blocks
Default Setting Code Blocks

STEP 2: Setup compiler, most of a time it’s been set by default but make sure once.

select compiler option
Select Compiler Option

STEP 3: We have to browse path for MinGM in “compiler installation directory”. If it’s there by default then please leave it. Just hit on OK and proceed.

compiler setting to select mingw
Compiler Setting to Select MinGW

STEP 4: Let’s create fresh new project to test whether setting is appropriate. Go to File –> New –> Project..

create new code block project
Create New Code Block Project

STEP 5: As this is our first project we will be building console application. Select Console application and hit on Go.

Select Console Application
Hit on Next

STEP 6: Select C and click on Next. Follow steps in sequence and we are ready to run our very first C program i.e. Hello World!.

Select Type of Project C
Give Name and Browse Project Folder
Hit on Finish
Final Workplace Code Block

At this point we will get ready workplace to write C code. Just hit on Build and run button from main menu bar to run most famous hello world program (default project) and finally we’ll see “Hello World!” printed on screen. This is how we can Setup Code Blocks for C Programming. In next lesson we’ll break down code into pieces and explore basic program structure. This is it for this post; I hope you’ll find this post educational. If in case you have any question then please feel free to leave comment. Thanks!!!!!

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