Ultra-Portable iPad Oscilloscope iMSO-204L from Oscium

Oscium is introducing the first oscilloscope iMSO-204L with capacitive touchscreen. This is dual analog iOS oscilloscope with native lightningTM compatibility. IMSO-204L transforms the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch into an ultra-portable two channel oscilloscope. Since Apple changed their connector, Oscium has been working to bring native compatibility to their customers. iMSO-204L is the solution to the connector change. It represents the third generation of handheld engineering tools from Oscium. iMSO-204L has the following characteristics:

  1. 2 Analog + 4 Digital Channels
  2. 50 MSPS
  3. 5 MHz Bandwidth
  4. 200ns/div-10s/div

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iMSO-204 works with a free downloadable app available in the Apple App Store. Be sure to download the iMSO2 app with the iMSO-204L hardware. IMSO2 software has some interesting features,

  • Waveforms can be paused and zoomed
  • Single-shot waveform capture
  • While zooming the horizontal and vertical scales, immediate feedback is provided
  • AirPlay compatibility (oscilloscope display can be mirrored onto compatible projectors). Perfect for live demonstrations in the classroom.
  • Make The World Your Lab

Oscium delivers personal instrumentation that leverages the easy-to-use interface of the iPad, iPhone and iPod. As an app-cessory maker, Oscium designs both an accessory and an app for each tool. Using touchscreen-based technology, Oscium is making cutting-edge test equipment more intuitive and easy to use. Oscium has created a new category in test equipment called iOS Test with the following first-to-market accessory tools: LogiScope (logic analyzer), iMSO-204L, iMSO-204 and iMSO-104 (mixed signal oscilloscopes), WiPry-Combo (combination spectrum analyzer & dynamic power meter), WiPry-Spectrum (spectrum analyzer).

The iMSO2 app requires iOS version 5.0 or higher. Compatible products include: iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPod touch [5th generation]. iMSO-204 hardware can be purchased for $399.97 from Oscium directly or from one of our partners. Visit at www.oscium.com to purchase or for more information.

Article Source: Oscium


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