Arduino Tutorials: Beginners and Advance

These Arduino tutorials are intended for enthusiastic students and hobbyists. Arduino is open source prototyping platform. Arduino provides the best combination of easy to use software and hardware. Learning microcontroller with Arduino is a fun. These Arduino tutorials will help learn and build some really cool projects around Arduino ATmega328 Microcontroller. 

Basic Arduino Tutorials

1. How to Setup and Program Arduino
2. LED and Switches of Arduino Uno
3. Serial Communication in Arduino Uno
3. Timer Interrupt in Arduino Uno
5. brightness control of LED
6. Making sound tone using Arduino
7. Control Dimming of LED in Arduino
8. Interface 16×2 Character LCD with Arduino Uno
— 4-bit Mode
— 8-bit Mode
— Scrolling text
— Graphics on LCD Screen
9. Interface Servo Motor with Arduino Uno
10. I2C EEPROM with Arduino Uno
11. RTC DS1800 with Arduino Uno
12. ADC Analog to Digital Conversion using Arduino Uno (POT)
13. Interface LM35 with Arduino uno
14. Relay with Arduino Uno

Sensor Interfacing with Arduino

1. Current Sensor ACS712 with Arduino Uno
2. DHT11 with Arduino Uno
3. LDR Photodiode with Arduino Uno
4. BMP180 with Arduino uno
5. IR Proximity Sensor with Arduino Uno

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We believe learning microcontroller with Arduino is the best way to invest your time. On a personal note, I must say it’s never been easier without Arduino to learn programming microcontroller. I remember those old days when we used to buy expensive programmers and kits to learn microcontroller. Even with those expensive tools it’s challenging for non-technical candidates to learn microcontroller programming. But Arduino makes it so simple and easy for anybody to program their microcontroller and build some cool products. I hope you will enjoy reading these Arduino tutorials. If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to leave a comment. Thanks.

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