Learn 8051 Microcontroller Programming

In this tutorial, we’ll learn 8051 Microcontroller Programming. Also We’ll explore different features of 8051 Microcontroller. We can’t cast aside presence of 8051 microcontroller in Embedded systems around the globe. This result us to tend towards 8051 Microcontroller tutorial series after our AVR ATmega32 and ARM7 LPC2148 Series tutorials. We really appreciate our tons of audience who requested and suggested us to work on 8051 microcontroller Series. Over the years 8051 is very favorite for general purpose systems and get widely used. There are several manufacturers who made this product under their brand name like Intel, Microchip, Zilog, Atmel, Philips, Siemens etc. More details about architecture and functional aspect will be covered in future post.

Throughout these tutorials we’ll build several projects using in-built features of 8051 Microcontroller. In the end, candidate would feel comfortable to work with 8051 in their projects. We have provided circuit diagrams along with code explanation for each project. Also one can easily download entire project from site and jump start programming of 8051 Microcontroller.

We encourage readers to provide feedback and share their experience through comment section on individual post. We always open for suggestions and improvements. Even if you’re facing particular problem, please share with us and our team will work out on it and will try our best to provide you solution. Finally consider to bookmark this page/site. We welcome your regular visit to our site.

Table of content- 8051 Microcontroller

  1. Introduction to 8051 microcontroller
  2. Installation of KEIL uVision for 8051 microcontroller
  3. Create Fresh New Keil uVision Project for 8051
  4. LED blink with 8051 microcontroller
  5. Switch with 8051 microcontroller
  6. Use Timer in 8051 microcontroller
  7. Program Interrupt in 8051 microcontroller
  8. Program ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) in 8051 microcontroller
  9. Interface LCD with 8051 microcontroller
  10. Generate PWM signals in microcontroller
  11. Program Serial UART in 8051 microcontroller
  12. Program DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) in 8051 Microcontroller

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