Raspberry Pi 3 Tutorials

These Raspberry Pi 3 tutorials are intended for enthusiastic students and hobbyists. Raspberry Pi is a most famous tiny affordable Single Board Computer(SBC). We can buy this credit card size powerful computer with just a few bucks. We can do many things from blinking LED, driving motors, interfacing sensors to almost anything one computer can do. Raspberry Pi is powerful enough to run a small Linux server. So let’s explore Raspberry Pi 3 with our tutorial series.

The big advantage is even if you mess up you won’t get into trouble, you can just prepare Raspberry Pi image again and start. With this freedom, we can do whatever we wish to try and experiment. These tutorials will help you understand how software and hardware work together. Even we will explore many OS level resources to build several cool projects around Raspberry Pi 3. We hope you will enjoy reading these Raspberry Pi 3 Tutorials. If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to leave a comment. Thanks.

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About Umesh Lokhande

Umesh Lokhande holds a Master degree in Scientific Instrumentation from University of Applied Sciences Jena, Germany. and has previously worked at Orbotech, Alere Technologies etc. Umesh is also a founder and first author of BINARYUPDATES.COM


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